PrintingHub is a company supporting publishers to print high quality books for attractive prices.

Our offer is selection, facilitation and supervision of printing services in Eastern European countries.

We represent publisher along production process on the spot (visiting printing house) making technical procedures and transportation go smoothly and support publishers’ team to receive their orders on time. 

What you gain

  • significant decrease of production cost while keeping or improving your current printing quality (check out our prices and products to find out!)
  • building strong alternative for printing in far east (both in terms of prices and timing)
  • supporting overloaded production and transportation team within your organization (we are precise and just in time people)
  • optimizing your production costs by fine tuning technical parameters and print runs volumes
  • broadening technical solutions range to make your products stand out from the crowd while saving your budget.
  • active searching for new and better technical solutions
  • scanning printing services market for more attractive prices
  • production diversification

What you get rid of

  • uncertainty of keeping delivery terms
  • risks of sea transportation (unexpected delays, extra charges in ports, damage of paper products)
  • uncertainty of production quality (no surprises or printing errors discovered by wholesalers or retail clients)